Different Types of Water Filters

There are many options available when choosing a water filter. There are 4 main options for water filters that all function differently, but have the same end goal of keeping your water clean. 

  • Activated carbon granules: These granules have a “sponge-like” surface area with pores that trap debris. This is a great filtration system, but doesn’t catch heavy minerals such as nitrates. 
  • Reverse osmosis: In reverse osmosis, water is pushed through a membrane, similar to a fine filter, and traps the harmful minerals and keeps the healthy minerals. 
  • Ion exchange: Ion exchange splits apart atoms to make ions and then separate the ions into good and bad. The bad ions are then released.
  • Distillation: During distillation, water is boiled and the steam from the boiling is trapped. The steam is then condensed back into water and put into a separate container. The heavy metals stay away while the healthy minerals are moved into the separate container.