Tips for Maintaining Your Water Filter

If you recently invested in a water filter, it’s important to properly maintain it to keep your water clean. If you don’t maintain it properly, you’re allowing harmful minerals to stay in your water because the water filter won’t be able to effectively clean the water. Here are some tips to keep your water clean and safe:

  • Clean your water filter on a regular basis: From time to time, dirt and dust can collect in the water filter and seep into the water coming into your home. By cleaning your water filter you can prevent that from happening. 
  • Replace filter cartridges: Cartridges after a lot of use can cause clogs. The cartridge will indicate that it needs to be changed usually by a change of color.
  • Install a softener: Softeners can make water filters more efficient by helping the water filter break down hard minerals.

While you can do these tips yourself, you could accidentally ruin the water filter. Call the American Clear Water Professionals today at (716) 864-7425.